Frequently Asked Questions

Flights :

This is basically because we do not impose any markups or expenses for using our services.
We just search for the flights for you. If you need to modify your booking for different dates, you have to contact airline partner where you purchased your tickets. Our accomplice's segment has an accumulated list of contact details of all airline accomplices we look.
The fares offered are provided by the aircraft and don’t include extra expenses payable for using As such, you are ensured to get the low-priced and best deal as pertinent at the time of booking.
All reservations must be made in the EXACT name of the individual voyaging - no monikers. For international travel, it is necessary that every part of the name on the reservation must be EXACTLY as it appears on the traveler's passport.
Our business division will have the authority to assist you with infant booking.
The children under age 2 are called infants. Each traveler whose age in 12+ can go with up to two infants in their own seat or one infant in the traveler’s lap.
Lap – Traveler will hold the infant(s) all through the flight. It would be ideal if you take note of that while newborn children in laps normally ride for nothing on domestic flights, an expense is charged on most international flights.
Seated - A different seat for the newborn child. You will be required to supply a baby car seat to assure the newborn child's security. The car seat must meet airline specifications. Seats reserved for newborn children might be charged at special infant fares.
All flights ought to be affirmed with the aircraft straightforwardly. We suggest that you do it at least 24 hours before departure for domestic flights and 72 hours prior to international flights.
The airline will permit us to demand seats on your behalf, but these are only requests and you need to cross check with the airline.
Notwithstanding Coach/Economy class seating, numerous flights offer Business, and additionally First Class seating. It would be ideal if you take note of that the accompanying portrayals are speculations; a few aircraft may utilize distinctive names to depict their classes of administration.
Coach/Economy class seating is in the primary lodge range. These seats are generally available at the low-cost.
Business class seating- - when accessible - tends to include roomier seats that lean back farther, more extra space, and upgraded feast benefits. Business class tickets cost more than Coach/Economy yet not as much as First Class.
First class seating is more often in the cabin area nearest the front of the aircraft. It has the least and the most comfortable seats and offers upgraded meals. Different advantages can incorporate shorter lines at check-in and use of the airline's airport business lounge. The fares of First Class seats are quite often the costliest and are not accessible on all aircraft.

Hotels :

Yes. You can add a visitor to a similar inn room by calling our customer executives at 1-844-506-2799. It would be ideal if you note there might be a charge for extra visitors. On the off chance that you have to book an extra space for the visitor you may do so online as a new reservation.
Currency Conversions have depended on approximate exchange rates at the time of booking and ought to be utilized for an approximate guide only.
Numerous prepaid inns are non-refundable and can't be wiped out or changed. There is a cancellation charge which is charged by You may likewise be liable to punishments and charges from the hotel. encourages you to check all lodging rules on your prepaid reservation.
Ensure you have the booking number if not paid ahead of time or the lodging voucher for prepaid inn reservations. In the event that you were required to enter a MasterCard at the time of booking, the reservation is ensured by the hotel. On the off chance that a lodging overbooks, as they do every so often, and you have an ensured reservation, the inn is committed to discovering you a practically identical inn and free transportation to this hotel.
Keeping in mind the end goal to fit the bill for the rate offered, you should stay the whole number of reserved days. No discounts or credits for unused lodging evenings.

Car Hire :

In the United States, most car rental organizations have a base age of 25 or above. There are special cases, yet the tenant must pay an extra charge. In Europe, outside driver confinements differ from nation to nation. Drivers should be at least 18 in many nations and have a legitimate US drivers permit. If it's not too much trouble to check the official site of the rental organizations. These websites usually have age confinements posted there, and in addition, data with respect to safety belt laws, kid situate prerequisites and speed limits.
The affirmation number from the car rental organization is expected to get a car. This number is found on the email confirmation sent to you from It is a smart thought to have a duplicate of this confirmation upon landing in the car rental counter. You will likewise require a noteworthy credit card and a driver's permit. Some auto rental organizations may likewise require a decent driving record as a pre-imperative to lease an auto. The rental office will perform the check when the genuine rental agreement is processed.
For the most part, a credit card is required to secure a car. Numerous car rental organizations won't acknowledge a Debit card, money for installment or outsider credit card as payment. Check with the particular car organization for their policies. All rates are cited and ensured in US Dollars.

Cruises :

The policy of cruise cancellation varies as per cruise line and by cruise length. To get detailed information, please contact our customer executives.
On the off chance that your cruise docks at a port other than your nation of beginning, a travel permit and visa is required; check your itinerary precisely.
Relying upon the cruise line, you will be required to pay either a store or the full installment at the time of booking.
Yes. Cruise lines charge per individual, without thought of age.
Cruise records are messaged around 3-5 weeks before the journey cruise date. In the event that you affirm your journey inside 3-5 weeks of cruising, voyage archives are messaged inside 72 hours of the reservation being affirmed.
This may vary by cruise line, yet the aggregate cost of your voyage typically incorporates:
  • Cruise cost
  • Port charges and expenses
  • Your stateroom
  • Food (specialty dining not included)
  • Select beverages (i.e. juice, coffee, tea, water)
  • Entertainment
  • Amenities
  • Wellness Center
This may vary by cruise line, yet the aggregate cost of your cruise more generally excludes:
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Carbonated beverages or soda
  • Spa treatments
  • Specialty exercise classes
  • Laundry
  • Photographs
  • Internet Cafe
  • Shore Excursions
  • Specialty Dining
  • Gratuities

Payment :

At the point when a reservation is cancelled that day it was reserved, funds for the Airline part are not gathered. Any pending charges you may have seen would have been a "pending hold" for confirmation. These assets will come back to your accessible credit and won't reflect as a discount. This procedure ordinarily takes from 3-7 business days, contingent upon your banking institutions techniques.
Note: Some Prepaid credit card organizations will hold pending approvals for up to 30 days.
On the off chance that the aircraft rules take into account cancellation the day after booking, assets for the Airline segment will be refunded inside 7 - 14 business days. It will rely on the Airline(s) and banking institutions policies.
Any refunds asked for following 48-hours of procurement are based exclusively upon the Airline(s) rules. In the event that affirmed, the refund will by and large take 1 - 2 billing proclamation cycles. In some remarkable cases, refunds may take longer than originally anticipated. An email will be sent to you regarding the same without delay.
In the case of this kind of deduction, kindly call your bank to confirm whether the charges are pending in your account. At the time of booking a "pending charge" is set for you for everything. The bank/credit card organization, then puts a "hold" on that dollar sum, until the transaction either posts or is cleared. With an effective transaction, the charge will commonly post to the record inside 2-3 business days, around then the cash will be deducted from your record, and the "hold" will be discharged.
Note: Your initial quoted tour fare may exclude seat charges, insurance or any additional services asked. These services are charged at the time they are chosen and will increase the aggregate cost of your trip.

General Question :

It might happen that some of your family members, friends or colleague registered with us with your email id and contact details on behalf of you.
Go to the login page of, thereafter click on the Forgot password link and enter your email-id. You will get a detailed email with all account information.
Yes, we offer group travel bookings. To get information about the discount, visit our website or you can call us at 1-844-506-2799 for more details.
Once your trip has started, it is prudent to contact the Airline services. For your assistance, we provide a link for the toll-free number of all aircraft.

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